Here you can see a list of services our company can provide for you.

Budapest Property Sales

With a strong focus on high-quality and high-yield investment, we provide You with an impressive portfolio of available Budapest Propertyand real estate outside the capital. With constant market screening, and always up-to-date information on the latest developments we are ahead of competition in identifying investment opportunities. Whether it be classical, century old masterpieces in the downtown, or new riverside projects with a relaxing atmosphere and a breathtaking view, You are in the right place to make an excellent choice for Your investment!
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Budapest Property Rental

Have a look at the properties we have on offer for rent in and around Budapest. We cater to both to student rentals and the finding the appropriate apartment for the professional expat.
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Since most of our clients obtain property in Hungary as an investment and not as a second home, Capital Real Estate Budapest offers as a service the ability to rent their recently purchased property for them. The rental market in Budapest is very stable and always growing. As an owner of a flat, you can expect to make an average of 5% - 6% yield per year by renting out your property. We also dedicate ourselves to finding affordable and safe student accommodation for the many students wanting to rent near University campuses.

Budapest Property Management

Managing your property from overseas would be a time-consuming and difficult job. Let us help you with household tasks, whether it’s collecting the monthly rent or doingmaintenance work. Just lean back and get everything done via the internet. With real-time administration, You will be able to initiate, approve and follow-up on virtually any management issue executed around the house.


Property Financing and Mortgage

Capital Real Estate in conjunction with Ganesha Global is proud to announce that mortgages for Hungarian properties are now available to foreign investors. You can now find out what your purchasing power is even before coming to Budapest.


Budapest Property Renovation

Take advantage of the potential in classical turn-of-the-century buildings. With little investment in renovation you will be able to increase the value of your property by 10-20%.

With a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals we can help you make use of this potential. May it be simply a new coat of paint or a complete renovation of your property, we give you a first class and cost effective service.